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What is loss of consortium?

Loss of consortium is a legal term that describes the negative effect that an accident can have on a marriage. If one spouse is injured in an accident, the other spouse may lose some of the love, support, affection, companionship and sexual relations that were a part of the marriage before the injury occurred.

Many people mistakenly believe that loss of consortium applies only to sexual intercourse. However, there are numerous different components of loss of consortium, such as comfort, assistance around the home, solace and moral support. As described above, loss of consortium generally refers to any disruption to a marriage that comes about as a result of a personal injury, not just physical intimacy.

To seek damages for loss of consortium, the non-injured spouse files a loss of consortium claim in conjunction with the personal injury claim being filed by the injured spouse.

At Fears Nachawati, we know that marriages are built on special relationships and common goals. When a personal injury interferes with your relationship and your ability to enjoy your marriage as you have in the past, then you may have a claim for loss of consortium. We know that no amount of money can ever make up for the damage an accident causes to your marriage, but financial compensation can help ease the burdens of a personal injury.

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What is loss of consortium?