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Will I Ever Be Able To Buy A Car After Bankruptcy?

Ironically enough, you will have an easier time getting a car loan after you file for bankruptcy and it is discharged. While this may not make sense to most people, lenders realize that people who have filed for and have a discharged bankruptcy:


  • No longer have any debt
  • Cannot file for bankruptcy for a number of years
  • Are eager to re-establish their credit
  • May have extra disposable income

For these reasons, lenders view people who have a discharged bankruptcy as ideal customers. Of course, there are some things to keep in mind. While you can buy a vehicle, property or anything else after a bankruptcy–you must be able to afford it!


But if you are feeling the stress of too many debts at this time and not enough money to pay them, then bankruptcy can be very beneficial. Contact an Arlington bankruptcy lawyer today for more information on how filing for bankruptcy today can help you have a better tomorrow.


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Will I Ever Be Able To Buy A Car After Bankruptcy?