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Yaz Lawsuits Against Bayer Pharmaceuticals Increasing

As of June of this year, more than 11,000 lawsuits Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits have been filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the popular birth control. These lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois and of the 11,677 lawsuits currently filed, 9,055 are currently pending litigation. 

According to court documents and complaints from patients, the birth control has been known to cause deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, gallbladder disease or even death. Although Bayer has not admitted liability so far, the sheer number of health problems that have resulted for numerous women speak to a different reality. 

In a newsletter to stockholders, Bayer has stated that they have spent, as of October 2013, about $1.575 billion to settle 7,600 Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits after experiencing deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms after taking the birth control. The company has also spent about $24 million to settle lawsuits related to gallbladder issues or injuries. Although the number of lawsuits being brought against the manufacturer is expected to increase in the near future, Bayer has still not held itself liable for not adequately warning women of the potentially deadly risks of taking their drugs. 

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